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The Web Store Project

A few simple values

We are glad to be able to publish this new sales project online and we like to share the simple values on which it is based.

Research and creativity - every single object we produce is the result of research, design and realization done by several people, who often have fun raising the bar of creativity, finding new solutions for new challenges. Comparison and innovation are the basis of growth and we want to grow not only as professionals but also as humans.

Quality – we like things that last over time, made with Italian materials and the transparency of a production with very low environmental impact. Quality, from product to customer service, is very important to us and we are committed to taking care of it our best.

Ethics – we strive to limit the use of packaging and plastic as much as possible. We work exclusively with Italian suppliers and all the work takes place internally in our laboratory, we invest on professionalism and skills. We like to engage personally with our customers by calling them by their name.

It is always possible to visit our laboratory to discover up close how prints are born. Call us or write us to set the date you prefer.