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The company described from the inside

Art, history and working with your own hands makes you feel good

My Name Is Gianluigi Bertozzi, I was born in Gambettola in Romagna and, like my father, and my grandfather before him, I am in charge of our family business of Italian hand printing.

I attended the artistic High School in Forli ' and later I moved to Florence to study architecture.

I’ve always liked to design and then create things with my " big " hands. I am very fond of art and history and in my work, I love to experiment.

Since 1920, we have been hand-printing home textiles and marketing them in Italy and abroad.

I recognize myself in what I do, and one of my hallmarks is always seeking everyone’s cooperation. In the company I design the new collections, I carve the wooden blocks to make the printing, and I prepare the new color mixtures for the chromatic combinations. I coordinate the production process and closely follow the marketing and sales projects of our hand-printed products.

We like to do what we haven't done yet, so don't be afraid to ask.