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FIAMMA, Bag 45x10xh.40x

FIAMMA, Bag 45x10xh.40x
FIAMMA, Bag 45x10xh.40x
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  • Model: BO1-03670-T01-059-SF-M38-20304


Pattern FIAMMA
Size 45X10XH.40X
Tailoring UNLINED
FIAMMA, Bag 45x10xh.40x

All Bertozzi products can be maintained over time with simple care, even those printed in gold and silver.


Our fabrics are hand printed with indathrene colors, the most resistant on the market, and this means they can be washed in the washing machine.

We recommend washing in the washing machine up to 60 degrees, preferably with a liquid detergent and the use of a medium temperature laundry dryer, to obtain the soft creased effect. For gold prints, we recommend washing in the washing machine up to 40 degrees, preferably with a liquid detergent and using a medium-temperature laundry dryer, to obtain the subtle creased effect.

For particularly difficult stains, we recommend pre-treating the garment with a generic Marseille soap, leaving it to soak for about 20 minutes before washing in the washing machine.

Almost all fabrics and colors are resistant to chlorine, if necessary, they can be bleached and withstand washing cycles up to 90 ° centigrade.

 But be careful because some colors are an exception and can only be washed with delicate bleach (without chlorine).

It is therefore recommended to do a test before bleaching with Chlorine!

 Only for the traditional Rust color (iron oxide) bleaching with Delicate Bleach is not recommended.

 For crumpled linens, we recommend using the laundry dryer up to 70 degrees for a soft wrinkle effect, up to 90 degrees for a more evident crease.

For this type of finish we recommend ironing the edges only, so as to keep the wrinkled effect intact.

In any case, ironing must be carried out on the completely dry product.

For linen and pure cotton blended garments we recommend normal drying and ironing up to the temperature necessary to obtain a smooth and elegant garment.


Our porcelain can be washed in the dishwasher without special precautions and can be used in microwave ovens.

Only the Gold and Platinum colors must be treated with particular care because the superficial layer of precious material can be scratched with abrasive substances or objects.

In this case, washing by hand or in the dishwasher on a delicate program is recommended.